For some of us, discovering coaching
was like coming home.

Coaching is our thing. This is the way we contribute to humanity, and sessions leave us feeling just as expanded as our beloved clients.

However. As you’ve probably found, creating a successful and sustainable coaching practice, requires you to wrap a Proper Business around your purpose.

Which was probably when All The Doubt showed up.


The process of working it all out can feel overwhelming.

It usually starts with not knowing how to find clients, and then not knowing if you can help them.

When you learn there are a squillion other coaches out there, you can doubt that there is room for your flavour of coaching.

You might even begin to doubt that you are even a coach, because you aren’t doing much coaching.

This can all leave you watching enviously from the sidelines, unsure of how to show up.

It can be really bloody lonely.

The Fire Monkeys Mentoring Group is a complete support framework just for coaches.

During our six-month programme, you’ll gain a deep understanding of your specific flavour of self-doubt, exactly what you need to feel safe and how to create your sustainable, successful and fulfilling coaching practice.

If you are looking for deeply compassionate support, practical approaches and proven tools, this programme is for you.

No procrastination, hiding or overwhelm.

The Fire Monkey

Be the flame not the moth.

Trust in yourself, your voice, your coaching mission.

Ignite the spark of possibility in your coaching clients.

Take a stand. Take risks. Burn bright.

Curious, empathic, innovative.

 Dextrous, adaptable and mischievous.

Thrives in a safe and positive community.

Learns through constant experimentation.

Our Programme Framework

The Fire Monkeys Mentoring Group is a comprehensive exploration of
who you are being in your Coaching Practice.

We’ll explore all the ways you protect yourself from disappointment and failure,
from feeling exposed and unqualified.

We’ll dive into your doubt to help you build your coaching practice organically,
rooted in the unique combination of your personality, experience and values.

You’ll also recieve lifetime access to Magnetic Conversations (valued at £750).

This is my complete toolkit for how to create, develop and grow your coaching practice.
It means you can directly apply your new ways of being, to the ‘doing’ of your work.

I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with content by teachers who mistake volume for value. This is not that.

The Fire Monkeys Mentoring Programme content is rich, thoughtful and effective.

Spend a few hours a week and make meaningful changes in your work.
You won’t get behind, you won’t quit on yourself.

And you’ll be an important member of a small troop of thoughtful coaches:
fully supported during the shitawful moments and celebrated on the shiny days of win.

We will not sell ourselves, or our clients out. We will hold each other up.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Multi-layered Support for You


Each month we’ll delve deeply into one of six dimensions. You’ll be supported to play with new ways of showing up as a coach, business owner and human, with a spirit of experimentation, fun and compassion for yourself. You will get things done.


Each month we’ll connect as a group to go deeply into one core theme. Our calls are mix of teaching, coaching learning and sharing. Calls will always be recorded, in case you can’t attend.


Six mentoring sessions: just you and me. We’ll look at your coaching practice, your business evolution as well as the stuff that comes up for us complex, nuanced humans. You’ll have the support you need to make progress.


Our safe and supportive community is separate from all other social media. It’s just for us to share our learnings and valuable insights, to connect with and contribute to others in the group. You’ll get all the support you can handle.


Original interviews with brilliant teachers and the smartest, heart-centred, successful coaches I know. Each brings a deep and rich expertise experience and realness. The stories, learnings and insights they share are invaluable.


An optional retreat at Blue Star Ranch in September 2017. The Find Your Fire Leadership Immersive blends the purpose of a cutting-edge leadership programme (it’s not just for coaches), with the visceral transformation of horse coaching, at a world-class ranch.

Guest Teacher Interviews


Dr Jodyanne Kirkwood

Leading academic on women and entrepreneurship


Abby Kerr

Founder & Creative Director of the Voice Bureau


Jac McNeil

Strategic Partner & Coach for Women Entrepreneurs


Mara Glatzel

Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer


Dr Trish Ring

Founder of RingLeader Equine Coaching


Lianne Raymond

Developmental Coach & Educator


Desiree Adaway

Leading difficult conversations on race, class and gender. Writer. Speaker. Coach.


Heather Plett

Writer, Coach, Speaker.
Pre-eminent Space Holder.

Kelly Diels

Writer. Forthcoming book on The Female Empowerment Lifestyle Brand.

Hello! I’m Sas Petherick

I have an MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University, and my Master’s dissertation was a deep study into self-doubt. I’m fascinated by the tentacles doubt can weave into our lives and it has been one of my greatest sources of growth.

The Fire Monkeys Mentoring Group is the application of my research findings.

I’ve grown my coaching practice organically over the last six years and I am regularly booked to capacity. At the core of my coaching methodology is helping people cultivate self-acceptance, self-trust and self-belief (the best kind of selfies). I’ve found that this provides the basis for transformative, lasting change.

I have trained with the Center for Narrative Coaching, the Coaches Training Institute, and Dr Martha Beck. And in my BC (Before Coaching) life, I was a sought-after management consultant. Underneath all the book-smarts, runs my intuitive felt-sense of what in you, is asking for attention.

I’d love to help you create the coaching practice you are dreaming of.

I don’t believe there is a simple paint-by-numbers way for any of us to coach. I think the process of bringing your coaching to life is your work.

Because there are no guarantees. Well over half of all self-employed coaches go out of business within three years.1

My own research found parallels with a comprehensive study2 into women’s entrepreneurship that ‘a lack of confidence is perhaps the greatest barrier to progression within small business ownership’.

I believe this is because of what we make that fumbling-around-in-the-dark feeling mean.

We make it mean that we’re not good enough. We make it mean that we’re not worthy of the work. That we need another additional training, or that we have to mimic another coach to be successful. That we aren’t lucky, that the Universe doesn’t want us to do this work. That we have to wait… until.

And this is exactly what self-doubt sounds like.

With my whole heart, I know our world needs healers like you more than ever. Just like I know there is a way for you to bring your coaching mission into being.

If you have glimpsed at something true about coaching as your purpose in the world, that’s enough. That’s all you need to trust that it’s worth persevering for a bit longer.

However fulfilling you find this work, choosing to be a self-employed coach
is a complex calling that takes time to master.


1. Sources: Association for Coaching 2014; International Coaching Federation 2012; Kirkwood 2009; Grant and Zackon 2004.
2. Fielden, 2013.

Here’s what is on offer:

  • Six months of effective, focused, compassionate support tailored to your coaching mission.
  • An initial two-hour group deep-dive to identify your specific flavour of self-doubt.
  • Monthly 90-minute group calls to explore a dimension of who you are ‘being’ in both your Coaching Practice and your Coaching Business.
  • Six mentoring sessions, just me and you.
  • Nine original interviews with experienced, integrity filled, research-based coaching experts.
  • A private safe and supportive group forum, away from all other social media. You’ll find accountability partners and future collaborators in a community of peers.
  • Optional: The Find Your Fire Leadership Immersive at Blue Star Ranch in September 2017.
  • PLUS: Magnetic Conversations – 15 comprehensive modules to help you create, build or grow your Coaching Practice. Including lifetime access to interactive Module Workbooks with worksheets, scripts, templates and checklists, guided visualisations and my Little Black Book of Coaching Resources (valued at £750).


The smart money is on you

I know what its like to feel the anxious uncertainty of when or if you can afford to invest in yourself (especially when there is a constant stream of marketing voodoo in your inbox, claiming all kinds of six-figure magic).

In my experience, those promises aren’t real. Building a sustainable, successful coaching practice takes time.

I believe there are ways of being in relationship to our work that we will continue to master throughout our business lives. The support we allow ourselves can make all the difference.

If you are in this for the long game, this is a sound and proven process for learning how to trust yourself, your voice and your mission.

And if you know in your belly that this is exactly what you’ve been looking for: join us.

Our group will be limited to 12 places, and the programme will run once in 2017.

We’ll begin at the end of January and work together for six months.

The optional retreat will be held at the end of September 2017 and will be priced separately.

To be eligible for a place in the Fire Monkeys Mentoring Group, you must have completed a recognised coach training programme of at least 100 hours duration.

Questions? Please email me anytime – I’m so happy to talk about whatever you need to be sure this is right for you. No question is too weird or awkward.

With deep respect,


Disclaimer: By choosing to invest in The Fire Monkeys Mentoring Group, you accept and agree that you are responsible for how you apply the programme materials. I can’t offer any guarantees regarding your earnings or other outcomes. Your results are dependent on an entire suite of factors including your skills, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, your personal financial situation, wider economic conditions, and maybe even planetary alignment. However, I wholeheartedly believe our world needs healers like you more than ever. I believe in you and your coaching work and will be available to support you.


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